About Us

The company is located in Hospital Road Teku, Kathmandu Nepal and Service Center Maharajgung, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is well equipped with all the required tools needed for the repair and maintenance or as per requirement.


NS Biomedical Equipment Services Pvt.Ltd has its root in the clinical & Biomedical engineering department of the hospital in Nepal based on Kathmandu.
In 2003 keeping in mind to maintain biomedical equipment for the developing health sector of Nepal.
Nepal is landlocked developing country and population is growing fast. As the population grows in the health problems are also growing.in one had many hospitals, health centers, health post are growing but manpower is limited. Most of the health personnel do not want to go remote area the population needs health workers.on the other hand, private hospital & health centers are growing and people want to have qualitative health care system. People’s expectation is high from health personnel and trained BMET would like to help the nation by giving qualities services so we have planned to provide good qualitative biomedical equipment maintenance from our organization.



In developing countries like ours, the various studies have shown that the countries do not lack medical equipment but what they lack is a proper operator and maintenance knowledge. Most of the equipment’s in the government hospitals are not in use due to lack of appropriate setup and untrained manpower. And also the machines which are in use aren’t in well condition due to the same problem i.e. the lack of trained and skilled manpower, and in order to increase the lifespan, proper servicing programs aren’t performed. It is believed that most of the diseases are easily diagnosed by simple imaging equipment but since the equipment aren’t operated well and maintained properly, which results in cases of equipment failure. In addition to this whenever the machines fail to perform, those equipment aren’t repaired due to inadequate knowledge of the maintenance program.



The company is located in Teku Road. It is well equipped with all the required tools needed for the repair and maintenance or as per requirement.



There are 18 members in this company, having 3 Biomedical Engineers, 9 BMET, 5 assistant technicians and office Staff.



All the members do not work at once, the duties and planned and schedules for the work. A team of 1 biomedical engineer and 3 BMET visits the site and work also sometimes additional supporting/assistant staffs are taken along. Also, 24-hour on-call services are available in our company. Also, the company provides training opportunities to train other technicians to the employee for developing their skills.



As the government has already declared the primary health care policy which needs adequate skilled technical manpower for rural and urban areas since the qualified BMET are not available in the rural area. Because of the following reasons BMET has been varying essentially for Nepal.

  • i. increase of gov.hospital, health center.
  • ii. private hospitals and healthy attitude




NSBMES has its roots in the clinical engineering department of Hospital/Polyclinic located in Nepal based on Kathmandu. In 2009 this group of 2 employees established NSBEMS, Inc. to provide medical equipment repair and management services to a number of the regional hospitals(Polyclinic/Medical halls).
The customers of NSBMES have become more diverse as well. Hospital customers range from multi-hospital health systems to rural hospitals. NSBMES also provides support to over 10 Biomedical technician and clinics in the different Places.
In response to increasing demand, NSBMES created a Lab/Dental/Radiological instrument repair and maintenances business that maintains instruments in like-new condition.



Today NSBMES employees provide a wide array of services and support functions in the areas of equipment maintenance, clinical support, asset management systems and consulting services. Also, capitalizing on the experiences and successes of our staff and customers, NSBMES also offers consulting services in all areas of medical equipment management, clinical perfusion, and ventricular assist device services.
As the needs of the customer change, NSBMES is committed to providing a timely and economical service offering to meet the customer’s needs.


NSBMES seeks to provide high-quality, innovative and cost-effective services that enable safe and effective patient care.


Our management team averages 8 years of relevant experience, our technicians have an average of 12 years of experience.



The breadth of NSBMES operational and planning capabilities is the foundation for developing new ways of delivering results in the equipment management and clinical services areas.



We understand the pressures faced by all healthcare facilities to contain costs but deliver superior service. Our experience allows us to develop service programs that meet your needs while not breaking the budget.