Shaver System ECONT-1101 is intended for driving blades and surgical cutters which are used during arthroscopic surgeries.




– two outputs for Handpiece. Device recognizes the connected Handpiece and automatically sets work parameters;

– two types of Handpiece blade locking system are available

– manual and automatic;

– whole Handpice is autoclavable;

– short oscillation cycles: from 0,2 sec. in whole range. Faster than even before oscillation times (constant for each speed 800 – 5000 RPM) – up to 4 times at the highest speed;

– multi-language menu (English, German, Polish, French, Russian, Turkish);

– electronically controlled protection against overloading of the Handpiece. Adjustment of torque,
which prevents overloading of the system, at the same time increases the efficiency of the drive unit;

– continuous monitoring of engine rotation which provides its constant value in the performance of work by blade;

– non-volatile memory of recent settings (rotation speed, menu language);

– stable work while oscillating. Thanks to fluent start of the engine, the sharp tugs are disposed;

– additional circuit protection. It eliminates the risk of the controller damage during usage / short circuit of the Handpiece cable;

– two types of Footswitch are available – with cable and wireless.


SPECIFICATIONS                     ECONT-1101.1                    ECONT-1101.2           ECONT-1101.3             ECONT-1101.4

Speed range, RPM                     800 – 8000                        800 – 8000                 800 – 8000                  800 – 8000

Oscillation cycle                                                           Slow (0,5 sec.), Normal (0,3 sec.), Fast (0,2 sec.)

Blades chuck                               manual locking                automatic chuck           manual locking            automatic chuck

Footswitch                                   with cable                          with cable                      wireless                          wireless

Handpiece cable length, m       3,0                                       3,0                                   3,0                                  3,0

Sterilization method                 Steam sterilization        Steam sterilization      Steam sterilization        Steam sterilization

Protection class                             I                                             I                                        I                                      I

Applied part                                  B                                            B                                       B                                     B

Standard                                              IEC 601-1, EN 60601-1; classification acc. 93/42/EEC: IIa

Control unit dimensions                                       D: 306 mm x W: 330 mm x H: 96 mm

Control unit weight, kg               5,1                                        5,1                                       5,1                                  5,1

Mains voltage, V AC                  100-240                              100-240                             100-240                        100-240


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