Bionic Cough Simulator BCS3




  • Can discharge deep lung secretions
  • Non-invasive procedures to reduce patient pain and reduce the risk of airway injury leading to infection
  • Easy to operate, automatic sputum drainage according to the cycle, reduce the workload of medical staff
  • Online sputum drainage, dose not affect mechanical ventilation and solves the problem that ordinary MIE cannot work with ventilator
  • Simulate physiological cough principle, safe and efficient, and avoid common lung injury from MIE
  • Maintain PEEP to solve the problem of common MIE suitable population
  • Independent tube for exhalation and inhalation to avoid risk of secondary infection of MIE.



  • BCS3 Host, sampling tube assembly
  • Consumables: Three-way connector, Sputum collector connector, Sputum collector
  • Optional: Trolley, mechanical arm, fixed frame, pipe clamp.



  • BCS3 does not cause collapse of alveoli during cough and sputum discharge
  • BCS3 can timely activate and stop the operation of sputum discharge, and avoid the air pressure injury to the patient’s lungs.


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