Flexible Video Laryngoscope VL3S Series Hugemed




  • Four size diameter laryngoscope with 3 instrument channel size:- The VL3S series features 4 size: 2.8mm, 3.9mm, 5.2mm, 5.8mm outer diameter while maintaining 1.2mm, 2.2m, 2.6mm channel diameter for instruments.
  • Optimal image quality:- Hugemed Vl3S laryngoscope with high-resolution CMOS sensor delivers high-resolution image quality comparable to conventional hybrid scopes.
  • Wider angulation range:- 160 up, 130 down angulation range supports smoother insertion to lobe bronchi and allows more of a bend in the scope when  an endo therapy device is inserted in the endoscope’s working channel.
  • Portable monitoring system:- Friendly HDMI port can connect with big monitor. Video, camera function available 180 degree up and down make operation view comfortable.
  • 1:1 inserted rotation function:- The inserted rotation can be 1:1 transfer from handle to distal tip. This supports easier operation and smoother.


Technical Specification

Display:-  3.5 Full View, LCD Monitor

Aspect Ratio: 640×480 RGB

Video Refresh Rate:- 30 FPS

Illumination:- LED

Data Output:- Easy To Establish And Store Files

Storage Humidity:- AP 50hpa to 106hpa

Working Condition:- Temperature 5°C~40°C

Battery Type:- Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Voltage:- 3.7V

Capacity:- 3200mAh

Battery life Cycle:- more than 300 times

Charging Times:- less than 8hrs

Transport/Storage Condition:-

          • Temperature:- 5°C~45°C
          • Humidity:- 20%~80%




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