High Flow Oxygen Therapy System




  • Advanced humidity control with minimum condensation
  • Proprietary anti-cross infection design without extra work on disinfection
  • Proprietary algorithm, monitoring nasal pressure and breathe rate
  • Comply with higher safety standard for home use
  • High flow (2-80 LPM)
  • Continuous O2 Analyzer without changing sensor
  • Accurate flow control (<0.5 LPM)
  • SpO2 monitor (optional)



  • Dual CPU for safety redundancy
  • Redundant temperature control
  • Disconnection Alarm
  • Occlusion Alarm
  • Water Alarm


Technical Specification:

Humidity Output:- 1) >33 mg/L at 37°C

2) >12 mg/L at 34°C

3) >12 mg/L at 31°C

Temperature Setting:- 31, 34 and 37 °C

Flow Range:- Adult 10 to 80 LPM

Pediatrics 2 to 25 LPM

Flow Setting Resolution:- 1 LPM (<25 LPM range) and 5 LPM for (25 to 70 LPM range)

Flow Accuracy:- 0.5 LPM

Oxygen Flow:- Maximum 80 LPM

FiO2 Range:- 21%~100%

FiO2 Monitor Accuracy:- 3%

Power:- 50-60 Hz, 100-115V 1.6A (2.2A Max), 220-240 1.2A (3.2A Max)

Dimension:- 273mm × 170mm × 175mm

Weight:- <2.1Kg

Connectivity:- Wi-Fi (Optional)

SpO2 Monitor:- Optional


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