MTTS Lightmeter

The MTTS Lightmeter provides precise measurement of the intensity of the blue light spectrum that is necessary to treat jaundice in infants. This measurement allows health professionals to ensure phototherapy units are working correctly and determine when a phototherapy device or its bulbs need to be replaced.
The Lightmeter was developed for use with the MTTS Firefly and MTTS Colibri Overhead Phototherapy, but it can be used for any phototherapy unit with LEDs, fluorescent bulbs or compact bulbs. When measuring a single-sided phototherapy machine, the Lightmeter will measure the light using the front sensor. When measuring a double-sided phototherapy, the MTTS Lightmeter reads the intensity from both sides, using the sensors on the front and back of the device. It then displays the sum of the values from each side.

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Compact, handheld unit.
For the measurement of neonatal phototherapy units.

1. Sensor
Spectral response chosen to match wavelength used for Jaundice treatment.
Two sided measurement for convenient measurement of double-sided phototherapy devices such as MTTS Firefly.

2. Controls
Touch sensitive button cannot wear out or break.

3. Displays/Indicators
Reflective LCD screen can be read even under bright lights orion sunlight.

4. Battery
Long battery life.
Standard AA alkaline batteries are easy to replace.



Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Weight

Height: 12.5cm

Width: 7.0cm

Depth: 2.4cm

Weight: 225g


Performance Specifications

Application: LED and blue fluorescent phototherapy light sources.

Measurement Range: 0.0 to 150 µ

Spectrum Measured: 440nm to 465nm (1/2 power points)

Accuracy: +/- 2%

Standard Warranty: 1 year


Battery Specifications

Type: 2xAA 1.5V Alkaline, Non-rechargeable.

Lifetime: Up to 120h operating time.


Display Specifications

Type: 4 Digit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)


Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature: 0°C to 40°C

Storage Temperature: 0°C to 50°C

Operation Humidity: 0 to 90% RH

Storage Humidity: 0 to 90% RH

Operation Altitude: Up to 3000m



Calibration: Required.

Calibration Schedule: Every 3 years, measured from delivery date.
Return to MTTS for calibration.

Servicing: No customer serviceable parts.


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