Wallaby Warmer

As they leave the warmth of the mother’s womb for the much cooler environment of the delivery room, babies with limited metabolic capacity due to illness, prematurity or low birthweight are susceptible to experiencing thermal instability . MTTS provides a technologically advanced Warmer to restore, stabilize, and control the temperature of the newborn baby.
Focusing on enhanced functionality and clinical performance, the Warmer features safe, automatic control of patient temperature with smart problem detection, safety fallback modes, and LCD displays that show set temperature, temperature alarm, treatment time, total usage time, and heater power level. Moreover, the easy-to-open sidewalls provide access to the patient while keeping them warm and create an ideal ergonomic setting where caregivers can work efficiently.

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REMOTE TEMPERATURE and object sensing providing full patient protection from overheat if standard skin  sensor is disconnected or faulty
Angle adjusted bed (up to 12 degrees)
Adjustable overhead unit and tray for X-ray procedures

Temperature Control System
Automatic (servo controlled)

Bright LCD display to monitor patient temperature, treatment time, total usage time, heater power level and sensor connection
Integrated APGAR score timer
LCD diplay with diagnostic and troubleshooting information.
Total system time counter (lifetime)

Safety – Alarms
Heater element failure
Sensor failure
Power failure
Sensor off the patient

IV Pole
Storage Shelf
Storage Drawer
Cylinders holder



Technical Specifications

Dimensions and Weight

  • Height: 185cm
  • Width: 64cm
  • Weight: 67kg
  • Shipping Weight: 80kg


Performance Specifications

Application: Treatment of neonatal and pediatric patients to
prevent hypothermia.

Patient Temperature Setting: 34.0degC to 37.5degC

Standard Warranty: 1 year


Heater Element

Type: Radiant

Power: 650W


Procedure Lamp

Type: LED

Power: 3W


Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature: 19°C to 40°C


Power Supply

Voltage: 220V AC 10%

Frequency: 47 – 63Hz


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