Zenith-C60 MRI Injection System

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Reliability & Safety

  • Completely non-magnetic structure, without electromagnetic interference ensure works reliable and safety in a strong magnetic field environment.
  • Comprehensive real-time monitoring the pressure and system operating states
  • Remote control of injection to reduce the radiations harmful to the operators
  • Air expelling lock and warning before injections to reduce risk of air embolism


Scientific & Humanized Design

  • Designed for high-strength electromagnetic shielding MRI room
  • With integrated, rechargeable high-performance batteries
  • Imported ultrasonic motor and fiber optic fiber
  • Accessory tray frees the user’s hands to focus on the operation


User-Friendly Operations

  • Programming complex protocols easily on 12″ wide touch screen of console
  • Performing all operations conveniently either on the console or on the injector arm
  • Keeping-vein-open function (KVO) preserves the vascular access during longer teats



Technical Specification   Description
Electrical Requirements Arm controller: Either electric network or battery

Electric Network: 220VAC/110VAC, 50 or 60Hz, 200VA

Battery: 8Ah lithium polymer battery

Console: Input DC12V, 2A

Operational Interface Available in English, French, Spanish, German And Chinese
Flow Rate 0.1-10 ml/sec in increments of 0.1 ml/sec
Syringe Capacity 65ml
Volume 0.1 ml to syringe capacity in 0.1 ml increments
Pressure 350psi (2415kPa) default
Injection or Scan Delay 0 to 3599 seconds in 1 sec. increments
Autofill Settable flow from 3-8ml/sec., in 0.1 ml increments

Volume from 10ml to syringe capability

Injection Capabilities Settable up to 8 phases
Pause Phase 0-999 sec. in1 sec. increment
Hold Capability More than 30 minutes
Storage Capabilities 1000 protocols
Expel air locked Unable to inject unless expelling air
Test injection Settable up to 8 phases
Heat maintainer 35~38°C (optional)
Hand switch Hand switch control pause and continue injection (optional)
Emergency stop function Clicking anywhere on the touch screen of the console or pressing any button on the injector arm to stop protocol injection
Dimension Injector Arm and Pedestal: L: 22.5″ (57.2cm), W: 22.5″ (57.2cm), H: 50.2″(127.5cm)

Console: L: 4.55″(11.55cm), W: 12.68″(31.8cm), H: 9.77″(24.81cm)

Main Controller: L: 16.2″(41.2cm), W: 7.4″(9.1cm), H: 10.0″(25.3cm)

Weight Injector Arm and Pedestal: 14kg

Console: 4.1kg

Main Controller: 7.2kg


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