Zenith-H15 Contrast Medium Injection System



User-Friendly Operations

  • Programming complex protocols easily on 12″ wide touch screen of console
  • Performing all operations conveniently either on the console or on the injector arm
  • Available to synchronization with GE, SIEMENS, PHILIPS, TOSHIBA, SHIMADZU and HATICHI etc, brands machines.


Reliability & Safety

  • High precision of flow rate and volume of injection
  • Comprehensive real-time monitoring the pressure and system operating states
  • Remote control of injection to reduce the radiations harmful to the operators
  • Air expelling lock and warning before injections to reduce risk of air embolism


Scientific & Humanized Design

  • The injector arm’s height and direction are adjustable
  • The pedestal can be moved and locked randomly at the expected place
  • The accessory tray frees the user’s hands to focus on the operation


Suspended Arm System (optional)

  • Saving space of scanning room
  • More flexible operation
  • Getting injector arm and patient closer



Technical Specification Description
Electrical Requirements 220VAC/110VAC, 50 or 60Hz, 800VA
Operation Interface Available in English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese
Console 12″ Color Touch Screen
Flow Rate 0.1-50ml/sec. in increments of 0.1ml/sec, 01~10ml/sec for CT mode
Syringe Capacity 150ml for DSA mode and 200ml for CT mode
Volume 0.1ml to max. Syringe capacity
Rise Time 0.1~1.0 sec., in 0.1ml increments
Preset Limit Settable from 300~1200 psi (2070~8280kPa) in 1 psi increments, 0~300 psi for CT mode
Pressure Display Display real-time pressure curve
Pressure warning Alarm and stop injection when pressure over the the threshold
Pressure Threshold Automatically stop injection when pressure over the threshold
Injection or Scan Delay 0 to 3599 seconds in 1 sec. increments
Autofill Settable flow rate from 3-8ml/sec., volume from 1oml to syringe capability
Multi-Phase 1-8 phases per injection
Pause 0~999 sec. in 1 sec. increments
Hold Capability More than 30 minutes
Storage Capabilities 1000 protocols
Expel air locked Unable to inject unless expelling air
I/O Interface for GE, Siemens, Philip, Toshiba, Shimadzu, Lepu, Wandong and Hitachi etc. medical imaging equipment
Heat maintainer 35-38°C (optional)
Emergency stop function Clicking anywhere on the touch screen of the console or pressing any button on the injector arm to stop protocol injection
Dimension Injector Arm and Pedestal: L: 27.6″ (70.0cm), W: 21.3″ (54.0cm), H: 50.2″(127.5cm)Console: L: 4.55″(11.55cm), W: 12.68″(31.8cm), H: 9.77″(24.81cm)

Main Controller: L: 16.2″(41.2cm), W: 7.4″(9.1cm), H: 10.0″(25.3cm)

Weight Injector Arm and Pedestal: 14kgConsole: 4.1kg

Main Controller: 7.2kg



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